Course Description:

In 8th grade Computer Science, students continue to build on the foundational skills they learned in earlier grades. They learn about the basic concepts of programming and start to write more complex programs. They also learn about algorithms, computer networks, and internet safety.

Students are introduced to new programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements, and functions. They learn how to write programs that can take input from users and give output based on that input. They also start to learn about object-oriented programming, which is a programming paradigm based on objects that interact with each other.

In addition to programming, students learn about computer networks and the internet. They learn how data is transmitted over networks and how to use different protocols to communicate between computers. They also learn about internet safety and the importance of protecting personal information online.

Overall, the goal of 8th grade Computer Science is to prepare students for more advanced programming and computer science concepts they will encounter in high school and beyond.