Course Description:

UKG EVS (Environmental Studies) is an important subject that builds on the foundation laid in LKG EVS. The goal of UKG EVS is to help children develop an understanding of the environment around them and their role in conserving it. Some of the topics that may be covered in UKG EVS include:

  1. Living and non-living things: Students learn to differentiate between living and non-living things and understand the characteristics of living organisms.

  2. Seasons and weather: UKG students learn about different seasons and the changes in weather that occur during each season.

  3. Food and nutrition: Students learn about different types of food and their nutritional value. They also learn about healthy eating habits.

  4. Health and hygiene: UKG students learn about the importance of personal hygiene and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Natural resources: Students learn about different types of natural resources such as water, air, and soil. They learn about the importance of conserving these resources.

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