General Conditions of Use

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Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions is required in order to use the website. By using Book My Tutor Education LLP, you consent to periodically reviewing the most recent version of the General Conditions posted on the website. Book My Tutor Education LLP reserves the right to refuse or impose restrictions on access to the website in the event that a user violates these terms or exhibits unacceptable behavior towards another user.

Website description

To link students with tutors, coaches, and professionals, Book My Tutor serves as the go-to resource for online and at-home instruction. Book My Tutor makes it easier to learn and share knowledge.

While Book My Tutor makes every attempt to maintain a high standard, the authenticity of the information in adverts, the legitimacy of tutor credentials, contact details, and availability, cannot always be guaranteed. To use the service and get in touch with other users, Book My Tutor participants must first create a profile. Users agree to only create one profile on the website. The dashboard made available to users allows for the modification, administration, and deletion of this profile.

General TnCs for a Tutor

1. You are aware that you and you alone have the final say in which student receives tuition.
2. You understand and acknowledge that you will only instruct the pupil when at least one parent is home.
3. You are aware that we are a marketplace for home tutors and will help you locate students who desire private instruction in your area of study through our platform.
4. As a home tutor, you are aware of the need to uphold all applicable regulations and to conduct yourself with the same level of professionalism that is typically displayed by professionals.
5. You understand and acknowledge that our relationship with you will not be viewed as one of employer and employee.
6. You are aware that while every piece of information is believed to be trustworthy, it cannot be guaranteed and needs to be independently checked.
7. If a tutor went on leave, the number of days must be extended and they have to be present throughout class. That will not be the institute's responsibility.
8. You are aware that you are required to finish the coursework you agreed to take. If there are unavoidable circumstances, you must offer at least one month's notice.
9. After getting the tuition details, you have 48 hours to schedule the demo class. You must let us know right away if for any reason this does not occur.
10. The Tutor promises to carry out the obligations and responsibilities assigned to them by us faithfully and to the best of their ability.
11. The Tutor is required to follow all Institute policies, guidelines, and standards at all times.
12. As a Home Tutor, it is the responsibility of the tutor to carry out all necessary job functions and tasks as needed. The Institute may also add additional obligations as long as they are suitable for the tutor's job description.
13. Both parties want to establish a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership. Nonetheless, either party may end the relationship at any time as long as they do so before giving the other party a one-month written notice.
14. You will have access to sensitive data that belongs to the Institute as a tutor. This information cannot be shared with anybody outside of the Institute.
15. The laws of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, shall govern, be applied to, and be construed in conformity with this agreement. As evidence and in agreement therewith, the Tutor has duly executed this contract with the approval of authorised representatives of the Institute and with the Institute's express written consent.
16. The tutor is not permitted to talk about fees; instead, the Institute and the guardian are having all discussions.
17. If you decline to provide tuition at a particular location, you must wait up to six months before contacting the client or guardian on your own.
18. You will be expelled from the institute and your information will be given to other institutes so they won't be able to charge you tuition in the future if you are discovered to have cheated (direct dealing with a parent or student) with the institute.
19. Unless there is an emergency, you will not use a phone while teaching, and we sincerely hope that parents won't object.
20. You won't divulge given tuition inquiries to anybody else without the institute's authorization.
21. You will only receive a maximum of three warnings before the Institute takes stern action.

General TnCs for Parents

When hiring a home tutor, parents frequently adhere to the following terms and conditions:

1. Availability: Parents should give the tutor a precise schedule outlining the days and hours they would like the tutor to visit for lessons.
2. Payment Terms: Parental agreement on the rate and payment arrangements, including the mode of payment and the due date, should be made with the institute exclusively and not with the teacher or tutor.
3. Fee Payment: All fees must be paid by the parent mostly by date the institute has specified. Classes will stop if payments are outstanding by more than three days and can only resume once all past-due fees have been paid.
4. Leave: Just half of any parental leaves will be taken into consideration by the institute. For instance, if parents have requested six leaves, only three will be taken into account, and the tutor will only grant an additional three days.
5. Safety and security: Parents should take responsibility for the tutor's safety and well-being while in their home and make sure that it is a safe and secure place for them to work in.
6. Learning resources: Parents should give the tutor any textbooks or other materials they feel are necessary for the lessons.
7. Student’s conduct: Parents should make sure that their children are on time for class and behave properly while they are there.
8. Termination: Parents should be aware of the steps involved in ending their child's tutoring relationship with the tutor, including the amount of notice needed and any requirements for reimbursing fees.
9. Confidentiality: Unless required by law, parents should respect the confidentiality of information gathered during the tutoring relationship.
10. If you give a tutor a loan as a favor, the money does not go into the institute's account, and you are responsible for the repercussions.
11. You must first pay a deposit before receiving the services or beginning the classes.

These are merely a few instances; the terms and conditions may change in accordance with the unique circumstances and requirements of the instructor and student. For both sides to have a successful and productive tutoring experience, it is crucial to have clear and agreed-upon terms in place.